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Inside Kingston™ Podcast - Ep. 10 - Stacey Richard - Super Sitters
Episode #10
Stacey Richard - Super Sitters

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I’m joined today by Stacey Richard, founder and director of Super Sitters - offering dependable short term, ad hoc and flexible childcare in Kingston upon Thames and across South West London.

What’s unique about Stacey is how she draws on her personal experiences as a parent to build a relationship of trust with her customers. From starting out as an informal childminder to her friend’s children, Stacey now employs a large team who work together as a collective of like-minded childcare professionals.

And be sure to listen to the end, where Stacey talks about a very worthy cause she’s supporting through her 'Smear Cheer Campaign'.

So whether you’re a busy parent wanting to know more about local childcare services, an aspiring entrepreneur interested in knowing more about the business side of the childcare sector, or want to know more about what it takes to startup and grow your own independent business, then I hope you enjoy this episode of the Inside Kingston™ podcast.


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